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Dongguan Emet Cutting Tools Limited SVJCR SVJCL SVLCR SVLCL SVXCR SVXCL SVQCR SVQCL SVHCR SVHCL SVVCR SVVCL SVZCR SVZCL External turning tools cutting tools

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Factory sale directly, the price is relatively low
  • The larger the quantity, the faster the delivery
  • Product quality has been certificated by tests and actual uses
  • Good after-sales quality
  • Customized the cutting tools according to customer's actual needs

Product Details

       Dongguan Emet Cutting Tools Limited is a cutting tools manufactured factory that can research and develop the new prodcuts, customized non-standard tools and machining plans according to customers' need and deal with the after-sales problem as soon as possible.

       Turning tools, boring bars, drilling tools with inserts, threading tools, parting tools, grooving tools, internal turning and grooving tools, VDI/BMT toolholders(DIN 69880,ect), milling tools, face-grooving tools, chamfering tools, trepanning tools, adapters, exchangeable tool heads, hard/soft claws, clamping fixtures, fixture plate(faceplate) and more other cutting tool products, all you can find and purchase from Emet Company.

       External turning tool, is one of the most common used cutting tool products, Emet can provide you different cutting edge angles and tool sizes. Just inquiry by email or contact us online directly. 


SVJCR/L2020K16   SVJCR/L2525M16   SVJCR/L3225P16   SVJCR/L3232P16

SVJCR/L2020K22   SVJCR/L2525M22   SVJCR/L3225M22   SVJCR/L3232P22

SVJPR/L2020K22-16   SVJPR/L2525M22-16   SVJPR/L3225P22-16   SVJPR/L3232P22-16

SVQCR/L2020K16   SVQCR/L2525M16   SVQCR/L3225M16   SVQCR/L3232P16

SVQCR/L2020K22   SVQCR/L2525M22   SVQCR/L3225P22   SVQCR/L3232P22

SVQCR/L2020K22-16   SVQPR/L2525M22-16   SVQPR/L3225P22-16   SVQPR/L3232P22-16

SVHCR/L2020K16   SVHCR/L2525M16   SVHCR/L3225P16   SVHCR/L3232P16

SVHCR/L2020K22   SVHCR/L2525M22   SVHCR/L3225M22   SVHCR/L3232P22

SVHPR/L2020K22-16   SVHPR/L2525M22-16   SVHPR/L3225P22-16   SVHPR/L3232P22-16

SVLCR/L2020K16   SVLCR/L2525M16   SVLCR/L3225P16   SVLCR/L3232P16

SVLCR/L2020K22   SVLCR/L2525M22   SVLCR/L3225M22   SVLCR/L3232P22

SVLPR/L2020K22-16   SVLPR/L2525M22-16   SVLPR/L3225P22-16   SVLPR/L3232P22-16

SVVCN2020K16   SVVCN2525M16   SVVCN3225P16   SVVCN3232P16

SVVCN2020K22   SVVCN2525M22   SVVCN3225P22   SVVCN3232P22

SVVPN2020K22-16   SVVPN2525M22-16   SVVPN3225P22-16   SVVPN3232P22-16

SVXCR/L2020K16   SVXCR/L2525M16   SVXCR/L3232P16   SVXCR/L2020K22

SVXCR/L2525M22   SVXCR/L3225P22   SVXCR/L3232P22

SVXPR/L2020K22-16   SVXPR/L2525M22-16   SVXPR/L3225P22-16   SVXPR/L3232P22-16

SVZCN2020K16   SVZCN2525M16   SVZCN3225P16   SVZCN3232P16

SVZCN2020K22   SVZCN2525M22   SVZCN3225P22   SVZCN3232P22

SVZPN2020K22-16   SVZPN2525M22-16   SVZPN3225P22-16   SVZPN3232P22-16

SVQCR/L2020K16   SVQCR/L2525M16   SVQCR/L3232P16   SVQCR/L2020K22

SVQCR/L2525M22   SVQCR/L3225P22   SVQCR/L3232P22   SVQPR/L2020K22-16

SVQPR/L2525M22-16   SVQPR/L3225P22-16   SVQPR/L3232P22-16

Dongguan Emet Cutting Tools Limited

Contact Person: Jane Chen

Department: Sales

Post: Sales Manager

Telephone: +86 18927826958 +86 13727579969

Landline: +86 18927826958

Company Address: No. 1, Building B, Donghao Industrial Park, Pengwu Management District, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China


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