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Wheel Hub Turning Tools & Clamping Tools Customizing and Manufacturing Factory--Chapter 1

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-Company Profile

       (1) Dongguan Emet Cutting Tools Limited is a mteal cutting tools manufacturer integrating production, research & development and sales. The main business scope includes: different kinds of wheel hub turning and clamping tools, CNC cutting tools, customized cutting tools, turning tools, threading tools, boring bars, grooving & parting tools, exchange-head tool systems (tool heads and toolholders), internal coolant tools, workpiece clamping tools, machine tool accessories, VDI toolholders, toolholders, milling cutters and more other metal cutting and clamping tools. 


       (2) Emet has strong technology, strict management, advanced products, first-class quality and experienced professional and technical staff, so that the products are widely used to wheel hub factory, machinery factory, auto parts factory and more other heavy industries.  And in recently years, in order to achieve product diversification to better satisfy customers' needs, Emet constanly research and develop high-feed and high-efficiency's cutting and clamping tools, which has improved Emet products' stability and using lifes, reduced customers' production cost and guaranted the product quality further. 


-Emet Wheel Hub Turning & Clamping Tools 

       (1) Emet has been concentrated on the customization and production of turning and clamping tools for wheel hub machining and different kinds of machine tool accessories for more than 10 years, which has accumulated rich pratical experience and cultivated professional problems-solving talents. Emet could not only can help customers solve the machining problems that may appear in the actual processing, but also design and produce the corresponding machining tools.


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